High temperature superconducting tapes have succesfully been employed in numerous applications due to their high current capacity, high strength and compactness.

SUBRA is currently focusing on solutions for tapes used in ultra-high magnetic fields ( more than 25 Tesla) in addition to our other filament structures designed for low alternating current losses in generators, motors etc.

Here we show a few selected applications, for which filamentization may greatly improve the performance of the superconducting system, due to lower energy losses (alternating current applications) and/or magnet stability.

Connecting the renewable power sources (such as wind turbines and solar panels) with the end-user can be achieved using energy saving and green superconducting power transport solutions. For example, high current power cables made from high temperature superconductors that are actively cooled using liquid nitrogen.
High temperature superconducting tape solutions have already been demonstrated in both electrical transformer stations and distribution grid key lines/power cables.
Electrical motors for green commercial aviation is currently being developed.
Magneto resonance is a unique tool for both imaging scanning and chemical analysis requiring ultra-high field superconducting electromagnets.
High temperature superconducting tape is a key for enabling extremely high magnetic fields in state of the art compact fusion power plants.
The large hadron collider at CERN Geneva international research center. The particle accelerator system consists of numerous superconducting magnets (15m long) that insures precise position control of the injected particle beam during the travel in the ring (27km in circumference). The Future Circular Collider may be built using high temperature superconductors to enable even higher field strengths.