Unique filamentization of superconductors

One substrate, one solution – optimal properties

Our  key products are new technical ultra smooth substrate solutions aimed at high temperature superconductor tape technology.

SUBRA is producing special metal substrates for coated conductor tapes designed for ultra strong and high performance electromagnets, electrical transformers and power applications.

 + Ultra smooth substrates (surface roughnes < 2-3 nm)

+ Commercial length scalable (>600m to 2000m capacity per tape)

+ Unique patented filamentized surface structure (2LUPS structure)

+ Mechanically strong Hastelloy C276 

Using our patented 3D-profile substrate technology we physically segment the tape surface yielding commercial scale filamentized coated conductors:

+ Narrow filaments in commercial (km’s) tape length

+ Full tape width is operational = no reduction in critical current

Our technology is based on a unique surface profile modification concept developed at the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, Technical University, Denmark.

Filaments with your standard coated conductor processing system 

Filamentization of the superconducting tape self-forms during deposition of the superconducting layer:

+ easy processing – employ MF-tape directly in your processing system

+ no need for post processing = significant reduced processing risk

+ low cost filamentization option

Essentially a 3D structure on a very smooth metal surface

A sketch of a (a) standard filamentized coated conductor and (b) the 2LUPS processes MF-tape is shown below:

Our MF-tape technology was first demonstrated using commercial production systems in 2015.

Superconducting layers were produced by pulsed laser deposition at Bruker HTS GmbH as reported in “Two level undercut-profile substrate for filamentary YBa2Cu3O7 coated conductors”.

Check out the link to selected online references below:

Our substrate technology has also been applied to Ni-W-substrate material with a very strong crystallographic cube texture and our technology is applicable to chemical solution-based production of coated conductors.