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Superconductor solutions simply

A superconductor is an electrical conductor – a tape, wire, or cable – which conducts electricity with zero resistance, when cooled. Superconductors can transport vast amounts of electrical power, x300 compared to copper – with no energy losses.

SUBRA is developing state of the art superconductors for fusion energy systems, the transmission grid and extremely powerful magnets.

Technology and Applications

Sustainability and the Climate Solution We are commited to a sustainable future and to being a key player in the Climate Solution. All our products and technologies help drive us towards that goal. Our solutions directly target four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and will have knock-on effects that…

Superconductor tapes

Superconductor Multifilamentary Tapes At SUBRA we are proud to offer the most advanced superconductor tape solutions currently on the market. We are upscaling production of our current products as well as constantly developing new and improved surface topologies to produce the most efficient superconductor systems. We produce special metal substrates…


Below is a selection of peer reviewed scientific journal papers describing our product R&D related to SUBRA’s MF-tape technology. Here we demonstrate commercial system fabrication using our metal tape technology and subsequent deposition of the coated conductor stack using industrial production systems at our collaboration partners. You are welcome to…