Sustainability and the Climate Solution

We are commited to a sustainable future and to being a key player in the Climate Solution. All our products and technologies help drive us towards that goal.

Our solutions directly target four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and will have knock-on effects that aid the progress toward others.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 7

Affordable and clean energy

With the help of superconductor technology, fusion power will provide near limitless clean energy. Our SUBRACABLEs for superconducting power grids will further improve the efficiency and affordability of the energy supply.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 9

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

High temperature superconducting tapes can help a great number of industries become more sustainable and efficient thanks to their high current capacity, low energy consumption, high strength, and compactness.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 11

Sustainable cities and communities

Superconducting cables will have many applications in the sustainable cities of the future. Thanks to a significantly smaller footprint and a lack of heat and EMF emissions, superconducting cables integrate seamlessly into our communities.

Climate action

Not only do we develop all our technologies and products with the ultimate goal of contributing to the climate solution, we are also proud to use only 100% certified green electricity at our facilities.

Application areas

Fusion power

Fusion reactors based on magnetic confinement rely on incredibly powerful, precise, and efficient magnets to be able to smash atoms together in just the right way to cause them to fuse into heavier elements and release energy. High temperature superconductors offer the premier solution for creating these magnets, thanks to the high field-strengths achievable and the lack of heating in the conductor under the immense currents required.

Superconducting power grid

SUBRACABLEs will provide the game changing solution for ramping up a pan-European energy grid. Connecting renewable power sources, wind turbines and solar panels with the end-user can be achieved using low energy-consumption superconducting power cables and transformers. High temperature superconductor tape solutions have already been demonstrated in both electrical transformer stations and key distribution grid points - SUBRACABLEs enable full grid implementation.

Supermagnets for hydrogen liquefaction

Magnetocaloric cooling offers the most efficient way of cooling hydrogen down to liquid temperatures, and high temperature superconductors make the strongest and most compact magnetocaloric cooling systems. Through designing superconducting magnets for hydrogen liquefaction systems, SUBRA is paving the way for a new generation of liquid fuels, in collaboration with leading European partners.

Young lady lying on CT scanner table after tomography test in hospital

Supermagnets for MRI

Enabling and improving healthcare: Magnetic resonance imaging is a unique tool for both imaging and chemical analysis enabled by ultra-high field superconducting electromagnets. While our efforts are focused on green technologies and sustainable development, our advancements have applications in other fields, such as in medical research, as well.

CERN Geneva international research center

High energy research

The particle accelerator at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, consists of numerous superconducting magnets that ensure precise positional control of the injected particle beam during travel in the ring. Future circular colliders may be built using high temperature superconductors to enable even higher field strengths and thus higher beam strengths.

Plane flying above clouds, turning towards the upper left side of the image

Green aviation

Future electric aircraft engines are made possible by the implementation of high temperature superconductors within the powertrain. Enabling significant weight savings and reductions in electrical losses may finally make electric aircraft engines efficient enough to be feasible on commercial aircraft.

Further reading

Our superconductor expertise is based on over 15 years of dedicated research. The scientific basis for our innovative solutions can be found in a selection peer-reviewed papers here: