Superconductor Multifilamentary Tapes

At SUBRA we are proud to offer the most advanced superconductor tape solutions currently on the market. We are upscaling production of our current products as well as constantly developing new and improved surface topologies to produce the most efficient superconductor systems. We produce special metal substrates and use these in our superconductor tapes designed for ultra strong and high performance electromagnets, electrical transformers and power applications.

Illustration of SUBRA's nanopolished tape

Standard Flat Superconductor Tapes

Our metalisation techniques are used for protecting standard superconductor tapes

Illustration of SUBRA's multifilamentary tape

3D Multifilamentary Superconductor Tapes

Our patented etching technnique creates 3D-filaments in the metal substrate, which enables the formation of very fine supeconducting filaments on the tape - reducing energy losses and creating a more efficient superconductor.

Illustration of custom multifilamentary tape profile

Customer Tailored Supercondutor Tapes

Using our special patterning techniques we can tailor unique superconductor tape designs for specific applications.

Nanopolished Substrates​

SUBRA’s nanopolished tape is employed directly in commercial coated conductor production systems. Through our patented nanopolishing process, we are able to achieve an ultra smooth tape surface, free of defects and contaminants. The tape is Hastelloy based and is available in thicknesses between 30-100 µm.

3D Multifilamented Substrates​

3D multifilamentary-tape technology by SUBRA is based on a unique surface profile modification concept developed at the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Filamentisation of the superconducting layer self-forms during deposition of the superconducting layer as our 3D profile effectively shades the lower parts of the tape. We first demonstarted MF-tape technology using commercial production systems in 2015. It has subsequently been advanced in collaboration with mulitple commercial HTS vendors. Superconducting stacks have for example been produced by pulsed laser deposition at Bruker HTS GmbH, and by metal organic chemical vapor deposition at SuperPower Inc. SUBRA's multifilamentary-tape can be employed directly in commercial coated conductor production systems.

Tailored Customer Substrate Solutions

We are happy to work with you to develop substrate solutions for your specific applications to the requirements you need. Contact to see what we can do for you.