PRESS RELEASE: Establishment of a European Fusion Association 

European companies have agreed to establish a European Fusion Association to secure Europe’s long-term energy supply

To accelerate the industrialisation of fusion energy by transitioning it from lab to track, leading European companies are joining forces to establish the European Fusion Association (EFA).

This initiative aims to tackle one of the biggest challenges for the coming decades: enhancing strategic autonomy for clean energy with fusion energy being key to this ambition. The EFA seeks to build a strong, world-class European fusion ecosystem that ensures a sustainable long-term supply chain for fusion energy.

The founding members of this association include the following companies: Alsymex (France), ASG (Italy), Assystem (France), Bruker EAS (Germany), Demaco (Netherlands), Gauss Fusion (Europe), IDOM (Spain), Simic (Italy), SUBRA (Denmark) and Trumpf (Germany).

At the ITER Private Sector Fusion Workshop, held in May 2024 at Cadarache (France), the idea was born to establish the European Fusion Association driven by a shared belief that Europe covers all necessary technologies and know-how to develop a Fusion energy system in Europe.

To date, the private fusion industry has attracted over EUR 6 billion in private investment around the world, while European public authorities are supporting public and private fusion initiatives with significant funding plans.

By uniting European industry around a common vision, the EFA aims to make fusion energy a reality in Europe. The association firmly believes that only a united Europe can achieve true success in this field and prevent the fragmentation of the European industry into isolated national entities.

A unified body in Europe is essential to represent the diverse interests of the fusion industry, encompassing all stakeholders, from fusion power plant designers to technology developers and supply chain companies, in their dealings with Brussels and with national governments.

The EFA will be formally established in the next few months and will welcome all interested actors involved in fusion, showing the importance of joining forces in Europe to guarantee energy independence for future generations.

About SUBRA 

SUBRA is a science-based deep-tech that is pioneering the field of superconductivity. We are a spin-off, from the Technical University of Denmark, with more than 15 years of excellence in superconductor R&D, working to develop superconductor solutions for the green transition.  

SUBRA’s unique superconductor solutions are tailored specifically for fusion power systems and accelerator magnets. Our superconducting particle detectors are designed for large-scale neutron detection in both fusion and scattering facilities.  

Through research excellence and in-house superconductor expertise, SUBRA’s TEAM has developed significant technological leaps in the field of high-temperature superconductors (HTS), demonstrating some of the world’s most effective superconductors. The growing team of 30+ staff members is highly specialised in R&D and superconductor manufacturing. 

We are an impact company, strongly committed to a sustainable future and to being a key player in the Climate Solution. All our products and technologies help drive us towards that goal.

SUBRA press contact

Sarah Børresen
Chief Strategy Officer
T: +45 44 12 84 84